To You, Shining Sunshine

Bowling green grass background.

–A Smiling Face and A Green Field

The hall, the field, the benches, the ball, the dust, and the scratching shoes were things I could not forget.

I lifted head and looked around on the ceiling. There was you, running, shouting, pointing, laughing, smiling, and wiping your sweat. Although, you were bushed, your smile never faded away instead.

Like the sun; brightened up everyone, everything in your surrounding.

That time was precious.

The days I spent with you were fine.

I would not forget everything you had done; staring at me, talking to me, cheering me, touching and pulling my arm to follow your step.

Those, which were not meant as special things for anyone else.

But, I did in a beautiful rush seemed like cherry blossoms flying up there. Lovely.

I could not do anything but crying, mumbling, and missing you in a silent night. Hugging myself to not go further with your shadow.

However, it is enough.

Having you in my reminiscence is enough.

Thank you,

you have treated me well.

Thank you,

you have been a part in my story.


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