Dream’s Over


When the emptiness lies on my shadow

You come right there as I’m leaving my foot print on the wet ground

Behind me, you say my name; what a shooting voice of yours

I turn my back, there is you

Bright smile, bright day all of sudden

The heart flutters, the time freezes

I don’t expect too much from you

But all you can do is holding me in your arms; without any compromise

In your arms, I smile as you do

Scent of your body is a zen feeling for me

“I miss you”, we both express those words in silence

We stroll along on a promenade holding each other

Our differential height is my favourite; be able to hear your heartbeat

We eat a tender lunch in a delightful place

Cheery laughing, sweet moment, all around us there

Then, the time tells me to go back where I used to be

Oh, that is over; I was only dreaming


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